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Cattitudes Comportementaliste chat Parcours, Formations
Cattitudes Cat Behaviorist Course, Training
Cattitudes Comportementaliste chat Parcours, Formations
Cattitudes Comportementaliste chat Parcours, Formations

My journey

Hi, I'm Olivia from Cattitudes !

Just like thousands of people I lived all my life with cats (only 9 during my childhood / adolescence) and 3 more shared my adult life.

I first became interested in human psychology and worked as a psychologist specializing in behavioral and cognitive therapy. But weariness won over me and I then turned to the fascinating world of animals. First trained as a canine educator, I also volunteered at Erminea, the wildlife "hospital" in Chavornay where I was as close as possible to what ethology can be. I continued to train myself through various training courses on behavior, language, clicker and medical training, all with a benevolent perspective.

I found great interest in it, but above all some points in common with the feline world.

So I started to ask myself serious questions about cats, and to start with mine! Indeed, I felt concerned by one of my cats who was licking excessively and by the other who seemed too dependent on me... So I wanted to dig into the subject and that's how After reading a few books on the subject, I finally got into feline behaviorist training.

I discovered there that I was one of those people who made some mistakes... Yes! Just because you've lived with cats all your life doesn't mean you know all of their intricacies!

Enriched with new knowledge from the latest ethological and scientific studies, as well as proven methods to positively change the problems that some humans encounter with their cat, I therefore above all found the desire to make people discover this world which is still too little known, despite what we believe, what is that of our little felines and to help everyone so that their relationship with their cat goes as smoothly as possible!_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

I also have the will to perfect my knowledge again and again by keeping it constantly up to date to guarantee the well-being of cats and their humans! ;-) 

Training around the cat

  • Cat Behaviourist Specialist, Animautopia Training

  • Training your cat - A short guide by Felis Catus, Cours muzo+

  • 10 years of updating, Educator Conference

  • Feline Nutrition and Feeding, Animautopia Training

  • Multi-species Medical Training, Muzo+ Training

  • Communication, Aggression and Myths, Educator Conference

  • Everything you need to know for a problem-free cat, Educator Conference

  • The Hyper Cat: Behaviors, Problems, Disorders, IFCA Conference

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