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Home consultation - How is chat going?

chat roux tranquille

A prior visit to the veterinarian is desirable in order to rule out any health cause 

All family members must be present


Any "embarrassing" behavior indicates a difficulty for the cat to adapt to its living environment: stress, tensions, worries, communication misunderstandings, frustration or boredom, it then tries to find an emotional and physiological balance by expressing its difficulty. His behavior is therefore completely legitimate. Our cats, even domesticated, retain their communication codes and basic needs related to their species.

We will then together establish a diagnosis of the situation: we will review all kinds of elements concerning the previous experience of the cat, its temperament, what it experiences in its daily life and its material and relational environment. You will also express your feelings about the relationship between you and your cat and about the difficulties encountered. We will thus look for the real causes that have provoked or encouraged the appearance of these annoying behaviors. The elements collected in this exchange and the observation of your cat will allow me to provide you with explanations for its behavior and to provide you with the "tools" necessary to find serenity in the most effective and lasting way possible.

The consultation being relatively substantial, I will send you a written report summarizing the advice that I will have given you, the needs of your cat, the arrangements to be made,  as well as everything surrounding your relationship. with him. 


Some time after the consultation, I will hear from you. You will be able to inform me of the developments observed, the difficulties that you still encounter and/or the questions that arise for you. This will allow us to take stock and adjust the recommendations.


Follow-up consultation


A follow-up consultation may be necessary in some cases. It happens a few weeks later. The appointment is shorter and the price adapted. 

The first consultation being relatively dense, you may also need a helping hand to integrate everything.

Problems that have been crystallized for a long time may take a little longer to see an improvement. Above all, it will be necessary to put in place a smooth evolution of strategies so that the cat does not feel too jostled.  

The strategies put in place may also require small updates in order to best consolidate the improvements in progress. 

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